Trapeze 2 Checklist

All areas are assessed based on further development required by the student or they are performing the task consistently.


  • Maintain boat balance using various hiking/trapezing techniques based on wind/wave conditions
  • Boat remains trimmed for speed and movements are coordinated throughout transition manoeuvres
  • Trapezing is done with proper form for speed and efficiency

Sail Trim

  • Crew demonstrate ability to trim sails for speed while on the trapeze


  • Balance boat while sailing in different modes

Head Up

  • Demonstrate tactical leeward mark roundings with crew on trapeze while racing

Bear Off

  • Demonstrate ability to come in off the trapeze wire as the boat bears off
  • Demonstrate tactical windward mark roundings with crew on the trapeze while racing


  • Demonstrate ability to perform last second tacks with crew on trapeze
  • Demonstrate ability to tack and duck another boat with crew on trapeze
  • Demonstrate ability to double tack with crew on trapeze


  • Demonstrate coming in during a bear off to gybe, going back out after heading up to a reach in one f


  • Demonstrate ability to come in off the trapeze while stopping

Go / Accelerate

  • Demonstrate ability to push out onto the trapeze while accelerating from a start line


  • Check trapeze harness and equipment for safety daily before sailing

Tactics / Strategy

  • Implement racing strategy and tactics while training or racing with trapeze

Physical Literacy

  • Participate in a daily physical warm up prior to training or racing

Mental Training

  • Set skill/process based goals for training and racing sessions involving trapeze
  • Maintain a written log book throughout training and racing with trapeze
  • Participate in a 1-2 day local regatta using trapeze