Trapeze 1 Checklist

All areas are assessed based on further development required by the student or they are performing the task consistently.


  • Demonstrate controlled boat balance at all times while on a reach or beat
  • Uses various hiking/trapezing positions to maintain boat balance in wind/wave conditions
  • Body is in trapezing position prior to clipping in
  • Once crew‚Äôs body is in trapezing position, crew clips in using the ‚Äústraight arm‚Äù technique
  • Trapeze with feet together and shoulders back

Sail Trim

  • Trim sails, foils and adjust steering to maintain direction, speed and control with crew on trapeze
  • Crew demonstrates ability to trim sails while on the trapeze


  • Balance boat to promote planing using trapeze

Head Up

  • Demonstrate ability to push out onto trapeze as boat heads up

Bear Off

  • Demonstrate ability to come in off the trapeze wire as the boat bears off


  • Tack (roll tack if appropriate) using the trapeze puck to roll the boat
  • Perform controlled and effective wire to wire tacks at frequent intervals


  • Demonstrate ability to gybe, then go out on the trapeze on a reach


  • Demonstrate ability to come off the trapeze to stop

Go / Accelerate

  • Demonstrate ability to push out on trapeze within 10 seconds of accelerating, in appropriate conditions


  • Check trapeze harness and equipment for safety daily before sailing

Tactics / Strategy

  • Implement racing strategy and tactics while training or racing with trapeze

Physical Literacy

  • Participate in a daily physical warm up prior to training or racing

Mental Training

  • Set skill/process based goals for training and racing sessions involving trapeze
  • Maintain a written log book throughout training and racing with trapeze