Spinnaker 1 Checklist

All areas are assessed based on further development required by the student or they are performing the task consistently.


  • Demonstrate controlled boat balance at all times on a run with spinnaker
  • Demonstrate controlled boat balance at all time on a reach with spinnaker
  • Demonstrate controlled boat balance through transitional manoeuvres with spinnaker

Sail Trim

  • Crew determine when point of sail is appropriate for spinnaker given wind/wave conditions
  • Adjust sail trim downwind for point and speed modes, identified by crew
  • Adjust mainsail trim to compliment the point of sail with the spinnaker downwind
  • Demonstrate proper pole position and sheet tension at all times while on a run with spinnaker*


  • Adjust direction to keep pressure in spinnaker on a reach or run

Head Up

  • Demonstrate ability to ‚Äúfree fly‚Äù spinnaker into the leeward mark*
  • Demonstrate controlled and timely spinnaker dousing at leeward marks
  • Head up and tack efficiently around a mark following a douse
  • Demonstrate a tactical leeward mark rounding with spinnaker in training

Bear Off

  • Identify opportunities for bear away and gybe sets at a mark with spinnaker
  • Perform windward and leeward hoists around a mark
  • Set spinnaker pole before and after spinnaker is hoisted*
  • Demonstrate the ability to ‚Äúfree fly‚Äù the spinnaker until pole is set*


  • Gybe spinnaker, switching pole when appropriate*
  • Gybe with spinnaker on command at 1 minute intervals


  • Sail slowly with spinnaker
  • Release spinnaker halyard to make a reach mark layline*


  • Choose rig settings for control in the day‚Äôs conditions
  • Correctly rig spinnaker each day
  • Describe how the presence of a spinnaker accelerates air around main

Tactics & Strategy

  • Implement racing strategy and tactics while training or racing with spinnaker
  • Demonstrate taking a penalty turn involving a douse and re-hoist
  • Demonstrate taking a 360 or 720 turn near a windward or leeward mark

Physical Literacy

  • Participate in a daily physical warm up prior to training or racing
  • Participate in a 1-2 day local regatta using spinnaker
  • Set skill/process based goals for training and racing sessions involving spinnaker
  • Participate in a 1-2 day local regatta using spinnaker