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Small Craft Storage

Members may store non-powered watercraft on the club property during the boating season. For full members (Family, Single, Intermediate, Junior) this service is included in your membership. Social members are charged $100+HST for the season.

We define small crafts as canoes, kayaks, sailing dinghies and small catamarans. They must be capable of being launched by hand (eg. using a dolly) and capable of being moved by club staff so that the lawns can be mowed.

Boats should stored on the grass (not on the graveled driveways) or if possible (kayaks, canoes, etc.) on the steel boat racks (after the Junior Sailing boats have been readied for the season).

Users of this service must accept the all risk of loss or damage. In the event of storm conditions, these boats are to be removed from the property or secured to the satisfaction of club management.

In addition to this, members with sail or power boats in the mooring field or on the marina can use the tender dock (north and west side of marina walkways) to store small tenders (with or without outboard).

boat launch ramp