Mooring Rentals & Services

  • The club manages a mooring field with space for about 40-moorings in a grid of 8 rows (letters) and 5 columns (numbers).
  • Tender service is not provided.
  • Most moorings are club-owned; however, some are privately owned by current members, and a few are owned by former members.
  • Most moorings are seasonally rented by Full Members, subject to a rental agreement.
  • Some moorings are reserved for short-term rentals and for storm refuge for marina renters (when the club orders the evacuation of the marina).

All inquiries are to be made to the Sailing Club Manager.

Mooring Rentals

Mooring Rental Rates for 2021:

Service Type 

Full Member 

Social Member 


Daily Mooring 




Weekly Mooring 




Monthly Mooring 




Priority Mooring (any 10 days) 




Weekly and monthly mooring rates for non-members and social members areset by the waterfront director on a case-by-case basis.

Exceptions to Short Term Rates for Full Members

Prior to June 6 or after October 1, Full members (their membership for the current year must be paid) are entitled to up to two complimentary mooring rentals (subject to availability). They must be requested in advance and the short-term rental form be submitted.

Private Mooring Services

Services Price
Install/Drop Mooring Balls $  165
Dive Inspections $  165