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Marina Rentals

Mooring Rentals

Tender Dock

  • The tender dock is located along the east-west walkway of the marina.
  • Unless authorized, only tenders for sail or power boats berthed at the club’s marina or mooring field are permitted.
  • Unless authorized, the size limit for tenders is 13 feet (4-metres) LOA with a maximum engine size of 15 hp.
  • Where possible and when space allows, seasonal marina renters should dock their tender within their slip.
  • As a courtesy, so others can squeeze their tender in between other tenders, do not secure your tender with a short chain or rope.

Small Boat Storage

  • Members are permitted to store, during the boating season, one of:
    • Up to two kayaks or two paddle boards (stored on the racks located on the east side of the property)
    • One small one-or-two person sailing dinghy or catamaran. Place the boat on the lawn (not on the driveway or parking area). The staff must be able to easily move your boat (preferably with a dolly) to mow the lawns.
    • One small rowboat. Place the boat on the racks or on the lawn (not on the driveway or parking area). The staff must be able to move your boat (preferably with a dolly) to mow the lawns.
  • There is no storage fee for Full Members.
  • There is a seasonal storage fee for Social Members.
  • Any additional craft in excess of the limits above are subject to the seasonal fee for Social Members.

Boat Ramp

  • Launch ramp usage is free for Full Members
  • Use at your own risk. Be careful to keep your trailer and vehicle tires on the ramps!
  • Non-members and Social Members can use the launch ramp for a fee. Contact the club before using the ramp. There is a discount available for Social Members.
  • When launching or hauling a sailboat, where you may need to wait hours for the tide to rise or fall, choose a time when the ramp is less likely to be needed by others (eg. weekday, late evening, etc.).
  • Note: there will be times (eg. during regattas) when the launch ramp will not be available.
  • Important Note: the Launch Ramp is under video surveillance.
Launch Ramp

Swimming and Water Activities

  • Swimming or water activities that take place at the club property, or using its waterfront infrastructure, are undertaken entirely at the swimmer’s (or, if underage, their parent or guardian’s) risk.
  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of their non-adult children. Swimming or water activities by children under 16 must be supervised by an adult authorized by the child’s parent or guardian.
  • Except for activities associated with the club’s Junior Sail program, the club provides no water activity supervision.
  • Swimming within the marina area is not recommended due to both a risk of electrocution and the risk of collision with boats. While the electrocution risk is understood to be low in salt water, there is still some risk from possible stray electrical currents travelling through the water.
  • Those jumping, diving, or swimming off the main wharf should be mindful of frequent boat traffic in the area.