CANSail Requirements for CANSail 1

All areas are assessed based on further development required by the student or they are performing the task consistently.



  • Sail using the correct body positioning/posture
  • Adjust body to keep boat flat


Sail Trim

  • Trim sails accurately while sailing to a point
  • Luff tell tales fly more than 50% of the time
  • Luff sails to depower
  • Trim sails for a close hauled course for 5 minutes



  • Steer to keep tell tales flying while sailing
  • Sail within defined boundaries
  • Control steering with intentional movements
  • Identify and sail within 3 boat lengths of a point
  • Man oeuvre to avoid boats and hazards


Head Up

  • Head up to close hauled from any point of sail
  • Trim mainsail using double handed sheeting
  • Steer boat smoothly while heading up
  • Keep boat flat while heading up


Bear Off

  • Bear off from a close hauled course
  • Ease sails while bearing off
  • Steer boat smoothly while bearing off
  • Keep boat flat while bearing off



  • Check for other boats before tacking
  • Communicate tack to sailing partner/other boats
  • Tack from gunwale to gunwale
  • Crew switches jib as front 1/3 of sail backs
  • Cross boat facing forward with aft foot first
  • Helm sits on new gunwale and straightens out boat
  • Helm switches tiller after tack is complete



  • Check for other boats before gybing
  • Communicate gybe to sailing partner/other boats
  • Crew switches jib as it backs
  • Helm pre-gybes the tiller extension
  • Helm straightens course as boom crosses boat
  • Cross boat facing forward with aft foot first
  • Helm switches tiller after gybe is complete
  • Gybe boom as wind crosses leech of main



  • Stop boat intentionally by easing sails
  • Stop boat intentionally by steering into irons
  • Slow boat while sailing downwind



  • Trim sails to accelerate from a stop
  • Skull to close reach from irons



  • Launch a boat safely out of the sailing facility
  • Dock or land a boat safely at the sailing facility
  • Rig sails, foils, and control lines on training boat
  • Identify wind direction while sailing
  • Right a capsized boat
  • Select appropriate clothing and PFD for sailing
  • Receive and secure a tow line and tow behind coach boat


Physical Literacy

  • Store a water bottle in training dinghy each day