January 2014

Hello SMSC members.

What unpredictable weather we’re having this winter! Two weeks ago it seemed that spring was just around the corner. Now it seems we will have to wait a little longer. This Rhumb Line issue will focus on the work that goes on at the club in the off-season to prepare for the coming year.

We have a very good mix of experienced and new members on the club’s board this year, providing both continuity and fresh ideas. There have been a couple of changes to the list of club officers since the AGM. The current list officers is provided below. There are still three openings on the board. If you are interested in participating on the board or a committee, please let one of us know.

  • Alex MacPhee, Commodore
  • Bradison Boutilier, Rear Commodore
  • Dave Lane, Treasurer
  • (Open) - Secretary - D. Lane is acting
  • Paul Dexter, Vice Commodore (House)
  • (Open), Vice Commodore (Membership) ‚Äì A. MacPhee is acting
  • Greg Hammond, Vice Commodore (Infrastructure and Grounds)
  • Ed Bloodworth, Vice Commodore (Waterfront)
  • Robert Shea, Vice Commodore (Junior Sail)
  • (Open) Director of Social Activities - Heather Douglas is the Chair of Social Activities (non board member)
  • Megan Harris, Director
  • Hugh Roddis, Director

The board has been busy during the last couple of months working to ensure this year will be successful one at SMSC. Some of these activities include organizing the club’s calendar of social events, reviewing sailing instructor applications, preparing the financial budget, and overseeing maintenance on the club’s facilities.

We have also been doing some longer range planning. With the results of last year’s members’ survey and previous planning efforts as inputs, the board drafted vision (see attached) of what it would like to see SMSC look like in five years’ time. At a high level, the vision is SMSC will be busier than it is today, with a larger, younger membership base.

A number of initiatives were then identified to help move the club toward that vision. The results of that work can also be found attached. No doubt some of these plans will need to be modified during the year, and additional initiatives will be launched as opportunities present themselves. We are putting a lot of effort into member retention and recruitment in 2014, including keeping membership fees at the 2013 levels.

TGIF events continue to be popular over the winter. This week’s TGIF will feature a Chinese New Year theme. Stay tuned for more social event announcements.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback to anyone on the board regarding the proposed vision, planned initiatives or any other topic.